Nader Hashim

Nader Hashim Headshot

Nader currently works as a clerk and investigator for Chadwick & Spensely, PLLC, and is also participating in the Law Office Study Program. Nader served as a state representative (Windham-4) in the Vermont Legislature and served on the House Committee on Judiciary. 

Before Chadwick & Spensley, Nader served as a Vermont State Trooper for over seven years. He worked on the road and investigated DUIs, burglaries, assaults, and a variety of other crimes. After five years on the job, Nader became a certified Drug Recognition Expert. This is a certification that provided him with training and experience that is above the regular standard for law enforcement as it pertains to DUIs and drugs. 

Nader earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science & International Relations from Clark University in 2011. He currently resides in Dummerston.