Personal Injury

Enduring an injury and finding a way to recover is hard enough.  Dealing with a loss in income and substantial medical bills can be overwhelming.  Insurance companies when looking to settle Vermont personal injury claims know of these struggles and can use them to their advantage in offering what they deem to be a fair settlement of  the claim.

Often times, these offers are made in the early stages of recovery when the extent of the injuries are not fully known.

Chadwick and Spensley is able to handle a Vermont personal injury claim from start to finish.  In many cases, the case can be handled on a contingency fee basis, which allows clients to avoid the upfront costs of litigation.  Simply put, Chadwick and Spensley only gets paid for their work, if their client gets paid as well.

If you are looking for representation in a:

  • Vermont car accident;
  • Vermont slip and fall;
  • Vermont civil rights violation; or
  • Any other personal injury, where a third party is to blame.

Contact Chadwick and Spensley to set up a free initial case evaluation at the law office closest to you.







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