Personal Injury

Are looking for personal injury legal representation in Vermont or Massachusetts for a:

  • Car accident;
  • Slip and fall;
  • Injury due to unsafe property condition (premises liability); or
  • Workplace injury.

Insurance companies when looking to settle Vermont and Massachusetts personal injury claims know of these struggles and can use them to their advantage in offering what they deem to be a fair settlement of  the claim.

These offers are often made in the early stages of the injury when the full extent of its severity is unknown.

Chadwick and Spensley handles all types of Massachusetts and Vermont personal injury claims.

Concerned about the cost of representation?  Keep in mind that:

  1. Initial consultations are always free of charge;
  2. Attorney and litigation expenses paid only if client receives a financial award*.

*Each case requires a unique written fee agreement prior to formal representation.

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