Family Law

Divorce:  With you extensive experience in handling divorces throughout Vermont, our attorneys are available to assist clients in all manner of cases.  Clients need assurances from their lawyer, assurances that their needs and fears are understood, assurances that they will go to bat for them in advocating their client’s needs and an assurance that even when the stress levels reach a boiling point, that their lawyer will stand in their corner to ensure that their concerns are heard and addressed.

Child Custody:  One of the most difficult but also one of the most rewarding facets of Vermont family law are child custody matters.  There is nothing more important then determining the rights and responsibilities of each parent when it pertains to raising their children.  In Vermont, the best interest of the child is always the most paramount concern.  Child Custody litigation can get ugly; but it doesn’t have to.  The key is to always keep the end game in sight, that being what are the needs of the children and what role each parent should play in meeting those needs.  It is presumed from the start that each parent can assist substantially in raising their child.  However, if circumstances arise that raise questions as to one parent’s ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children, swift legal action can be taken to ensure that the children are protected.

Child/Spousal Support: Chadwick and Spensley litigates all manner of spousal and child support disputes that arise from Vermont Family Court orders.  Whether you are looking to modify an existing order or are requesting support for the first time, we can assist in ensuring that the system treats you fairly and that all relevant facts are known by the judge before a final determination is made.