Although many disputes begin with a lawsuit, a majority of them do not end in a trial before a judge or jury. One of the major reasons behind this is that the State of Vermont and Federal Judicial systems require that the parties participate in mediation before they can litigate the merits of their case.

Senior partner Evan Chadwick offers mediation services either before or after a suit has been filed.

Capped Mediation Fees

One of the many frustrating aspects of litigation are the costs associated with navigating the case through the judicial process. One of the most significant expenses litigants can face are the costs for mediation services, which, in most cases, are required both by the Vermont and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Most mediators will charge a straight hourly rate that can, depending on the experience of the mediator, exceed $300 per hour.

Chadwick & Spensley offers a capped rate per day for Attorney Chadwick’s mediation services. This ensures that all parties are on the same page as to cost when they enter mediation, which allows them to focus solely on finding the middle ground needed to resolve their dispute as opposed to the unknown cost of exploring these options.

If you are interested scheduling your mediation with Chadwick & Spensley please call 802-257-7161 or email to inquire as to availability.